Some Days….

Do you ever just wake up and not feel like yourself??????


Well I’m having one of those days.

Its a very gray day. Gray Gloomy Cold Dreary….. Blah!!! I was driving into work (more blah!) and listening to Bob and Tom on the radio. They were talking about fun things like planning Chicks funeral. They were asking about burning him outside. Well that got me thinking about the old westerns I had seen where they burn the heroic dead Indian on the funeral pyre. Seems like a good way to send your body off. Then since I knew I could never have that type of funeral, I started wondering, what kind of funeral would I like to have if I could plan my own.

The first thing that popped into my head was where would I like to be buried? Upon further reflection I decided that once I am dead whatever it was that made me, me was gone. Same goes for my loved ones. So it didn’t really matter.

Then I started wondering what type of funeral would I like. When I was younger, I always thought the entire concept of the funeral was bad. If I had to have one, the people of New Orleans had the right idea. A casket being carried down the street with a New Orleans jazz band following behind. People dancing, drinking, clapping and carrying on. Passers by joining the parade, because it looked fun! But on a dreary day in Indiana its hard to imagine anyone following the parade in this cold.

Then I went back to the whole funeral pyre idea. I think the American Indians had the right idea. You wake up one morning and decide today was the day you were going to die. So you gather your spear and a buckskin ground cloth. March up to the top of a scenic hill or mountain, start singing, watch the sunset, and die peacefully. The only problem was that that rarely worked. Usually the Indian just woke up the next morning realizing that it wasn’t death he felt the day before, just indigestion.

Since I was having trouble deciding where or how my funeral would take place, I decide to think about who would show up. I was at a selling seminar one time and the speaker told me (well not just me. He told everyone there!) that we should have a minimum of 250 people in our sphere of influence. He came up with that number based on the amount of people who “on average” would attend either your wedding our your funeral. Now I was married at a very young age. We neither knew nor could we afford a wedding with 250 people. This did not depress me until I started thinking about it in the context of the conversation going on in my head today. Who would come to my funeral?

The obvious, friends and family co-workers. Family would be less than 50. Friends and co-workers the same. Where am I going to get the other 150 participants in my funeral? I have always carried a lot of life insurance. I wonder if you can find mourners for hire? I suppose I could make the horn section of my New Orleans Jazz band bigger. What about B list celebrates. A few years ago I probably could have got a good deal on Flava Flave, the guys who played Bobby Brady or Chachie, and Danny Bonadouchi, but thanks to VH1 they are probably booked up now. Maybe David Haselhoff? If his handlers can keep him sober long enough to act sad at a funeral?

If you could have anyone (celebrity, politician, or other) you choose come to your funeral….

Who would you have deliver your eulogy?

Who would you have sing?

Who would you have console (hopefully) your family?


The religion of peace

I wrote the other day of my frustration with the Muslim  apologist out there. Since that time I have come across this site called TROP

I don’t want to be considered a hate monger or a rabble rouser, but I think some perspective is in order. I found this site when I read about the death of a 16 year old Canadian girl who was strangled by her father. The gist of their disagreement was the way in which she wanted to dress. I have raised three daughters and have (on occasion) felt like I might want to strangle them, but I didn’t. In my world thats just a figure of speech. I found that story on the Nationalpost. Which of course I found because I was getting my daily dose of insensitivity from Niel Boortz.

Thats all I have today. Next time I will impart some of my thoughts on the current election.



I am just like everyone else. I don’t want to sound racist, sexist, intolerant, or any other of the politicly correct phobias we have inserted into our society. But sometimes too much is too much. There have been a few incidences recently that I think show how far down slippery slope we have traveled.

Take the example of a British teacher imprisoned for naming a Teddy Bear Muhammad. The naming of the bear was done as a class project with seven year olds. Protest broke out and over 2000 marchers carrying weapons called for her death. Her sentence is 15 days in prison and 40 lashes. Why isn’t 40 lashes considered torture. Could we bring Kalid Shaykhk Muhammad from GUANTANAMO and give him 40 lashes for any of his crimes? Would that be considered torture?

How about this little gem. 19 year old woman is gang raped by six men. She receives 200 lashes and six months in prison. Her attackers receive between 2 and 9 years in prison. Fox News has more. Women only receive between 20 to 30 lashes at one time so they don’t die from their punishment. So each week for the next 7 to 10 weeks, this victim gets publicly humiliated and victimized all over again. Hmmm. Sounds peaceful to me.

Heres a good one. Six “Islamic Militants were jailed for up to 19 years” What was their crime? Killing a priest and beheading 3 school girls!!! Read more about it from I don’t know about you but this offends me!!! A lot!!!

Here is a good description of what a lashing involves. “It felt like my whole back was on fire”

Abu Ghraib where we “tortured” prisoners. I wonder if some of the prisoners would have rather been subjected to sleep depravation than beaten with a cane? Granted there were some excesses, but I bet most of the prisoners would rather be held by The United States than their own country.

Finally today I was watching CNBC’s show Morning Joe. Joe Scarbourough said what everyone is thinking. “Stoning and beating woman in this manner is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is another culture, it’s just wrong.” Thanks Joe!!!

I guess the gist of this whole rant is this….

Why do we always have to be sensitive to these fanatics views?
Why are we not marching in the street calling for death to people who feel it is Ok to behead Christian school girls and shoot a Priest in the head in front of his wife?
Why is it Ok for the peaceful religion to issue death sentences for people who convert to Christianity?
Why is it illegal to have a bible in a Muslim country, but inhumane to deny a muslim the Koran in our country?
Why is offensive to practice our religion around them, but we have to make special accommodations so they can practice their religion? ie; foot washing basins, special breaks at work to pray, special diets in prison, etc.
Why do we continue to tolerate their intolerance?
Have we become so politicly correct that we would rather allow our own extinction to avoid offending the sensitivities of a religion that casts itself as a victim while victimizing anyone who disagrees with their wold view?

If this rant has got your panties in a bunch, I’m sorry. It just seems to me that we treat the Muslim world like a bunch of spoiled children. We roll our eyes at their excesses and tell ourselves if we just loved them more or tried harder to understand them everything will be just fine. Well I don’t think thats working out so well. Time turn them over our collective knees, give em a good spanking, and send them to bed without their supper!

How I said it…

Yesterday I spoke of why I am writing. Today I will discuss some of the things that have been working on my other two sites.   

In the WCQ I have been playing around with to see if I can increase my readership. If you have not found the site is a great social site. SU alows you to select catigories that interest you. Everytime you hit the Stumble button, it selects websites based on your tastes as determined by similar SU users. I use it mainly to find new websites that I might not have otherwise found. What I discovered during my playtime with Stumbleupon is that SU is great for getting your information in front of a bunch of people fast. But what it doesn’t do is guarantee return readers or readers that click through further on your site. On looking back what I learned was that I should be more selective on which post I initially put on SU.

When  I “Stumble” another of my sites, I will be very selective on which post gets chosen. The post will need to be my best effort. It will need to be a post that will entice people to read more of my posts and intrigue them enough to return on their own or bookmark the site. Another tip I learned while playing with Stumbleupon is that you can only “discover” your site so often. Once you hit a magical number, SU cuts you off from “discovering” any new posts on your site. So I will be sure to use this sparingly.  

I learned of other ways to bring traffic to my blog. I found talking about something in current events was a big draw. I know people always talk about bad things more than they talk about god things. (Read a newspaper or watch the news.)  So I picked something I was interested in, was in the news, and would have lots to talk about. Tom Brady! The New England Patriots are having a great year. Everyone is talking about them, and yes they are all giving Tom Brady all of the credit. So I started saying “unkind things” about Tom Brady. This worked out great because I was able to draw in Brady fans to offset the Brady haters. People started leaving comments, I linked to other Brady bashing sites and the fight was on. Soon I was coming up high in Google searches for anything related to hating Tom Brady. 

I’ll hit on this topic some more soon.   

What to say….

Some days its hard to find something meaningful to jot down…

I have had five of them in a row. Today I have decided to write something down, no matter how worthless it may be. So if you are unlucky enough to be reading this today… Be ready to be underwhelmed. (writers note- Underwhelmed is either not a word or so poorly spelled that spellcheck has no clue. Too Bad)

I decided to write this blog so that I would have the freedom to write about anything that popped into my mind. Now that I have that ability, I can’t seem to think of anything I want to write. I have two other blogs. One is for business and the other is for practice and learning.They are called the URBaCS blog and Winter Campers Quarterly.

The URBaCS blog is the main reason for my efforts into writing. URBaCS is a business I have been working on for almost two years now. I have a business partner who is does the programming. He also is the technology expert. One of his ideas to help promote the site was for us to create a blog about the site. We have been blogging now for over 30 days. At first I had some difficulty writing. I still struggle with grammar, spelling, and coming up with anything meaningful to write about, but other than that… I think I’m getting the hang of it.

To help myself with my writing, I started the Winter Campers Quarterly blog. The WCQ is an 25 year running joke between myself and a friend from college. We have been camping in December and February since our college days. During each of the camps we always discuss what we were going to write up in the Winter Campers Quarterly about the goings on at camp. Anytime someone did something unusually stupid, the threat would be a write up in the quarterly. The joke was that we knew neither of us would ever take the time to ever write anything, and if we did, who would read it or care? So…. I decided to write the quarterly. Now it is a daily sometimes more blog post. I have been having a good time just writing to see what kind of reaction I can get from my small group of readers.Now that I have outlined the why, tomorrow I will tell you the how.Have a great day.

I’m sorry I just don’t CARE!

I don’t know about you, but I think after you become any kind of human being older than the age of 10, you should know that travel is going to be hectic during the holidays. Why is this news?

Unless you are a moron;

Are are you going to be surprised when you get to the airport and lot of other people are there in front of you?
Will you be shocked that more people will be in their cars the day before, the day of and the day after Thanksgiving?
That the Mall will be packed the day after Thanksgiving?
That gas prices are rising before the “big weekend”?
That some poor family will face hardship getting where they are going?

If you are surprised, I JUST DON’T CARE!!!!

Why, because……

You have not learned anything from past experiences.
You have not picked up a newspaper, listened, to a radio, watched TV or logged on to a computer.
You should feel lucky you found your front door, and have family kind enough to want you around!

For all of you media outlets… GIVE IT A BREAK!!!

There I feel better now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Must keep head from exploding….


I have been listening to the CNN debate between Democratic candidates. Its a tough call of which to be more irritated by, the format, questions, or the answers. Its a toss up. Why not ask questions that require more than a 30 second sound bite. Wolf Blitzer’s questions sometimes took longer than the answers. Wolf, if you have to explain the context of your question in order to ask the question, you need to find an out of work/striking writer to write better questions for you.

With the exception of Senators Clinton, Obama, and Biden the rest were just white noise. Christopher Dodd had occasional moments of vice president like inspiration, but for the most part was uninspired. I think John Edwards had the best point of the night. (Although I don’t know he made the point he was hoping to make) He told the story of when the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and the White House. They were debating healthcare reform and NAFTA. Edwards described healthcare as wanted by the American people and NAFTA as not wanted by the American people. The Democrat controlled government voted for NAFTA and against healthcare. John Edwards point was why trade one corporate controlled government for another corporate controlled government. Hmmm?

To listen to the group on stage, President George Bush controls all of the money in this country, absolute control of the military, and is personally listening in on all of our phone conversations. These people scare me!